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“Whiteboard” model interviews solely serve to make the hiring staff really feel superior

2020, Nov 13   —  12 minute read When I took my first real management role as Packback’s Head of Engineering back in 2015, I inherited a great team of engineers who were hired before my promotion. Later that year, when the time came for me to do some of my own hiring, I had to quickly…

Present HN: Mission Type Badges Impressed by Working in Public

What's This About? Using the Badges Nadia Eghbal's acclaimed book, Working in Public, introduces a novel way of classifying different types of open source projects. By examining the rate of user growth and contributor growth for any given project, Nadia arrives at four different classifications: toys, clubs, stadiums, and federations. The graphic below from Working…

Type Switch in Android Functions with Fritz AI

Theory and application for your Android deviceNeural style transfer is a technique used to generate images in the style of another image. A deeper dive into the theory of style transfer can found here. In this piece, we shall focus on applying style transfer in Android applications using Fritz AI.Getting StartedThe first step is to…

Knurden Type: Overview (Half 1)

 I recently came across a map on Cartographer's Guild I liked quite a bit:  The Kingdom of Knurden by Daniel Hasenbos.  I've followed Daniel for a while and he's an excellent artist.  This map has an almost “comic book" style that blends bright primary colors with simple, bold graphical representations for forests and mountains:(There are really…

How (DooM model) 3D projection works in 2 and a half minutes

Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

RIP – Indian Type

During my first visit to India (goodness me, seems like it was ages ago), I asked my friend to take me to the cemetery. First of all, he was confused by a strange request from a Western visitor. Who in their right mind would want to visit such a place? Secondly, he said, in this…

Actual-time fashion switch in Unity utilizing deep neural networks

Deep Learning is now powering numerous AI technologies in daily life, and convolutional neural networks (CNNs) can apply complex treatments to images at high speeds. At Unity, we aim to propose seamless integration of CNN inference in the 3D rendering pipeline. Unity Labs, therefore, works on improving state-of-the-art research and developing an efficient neural inference…

MSX model micro PC from clockworkpi

DevTermAn Open Source Portable Terminal for Every Dev.Will be shipped before April 2021.DevTerm is LifestyleDevTerm is a post-modern, digital minimalist lifestyle. The A5 notebook size integrates complete PC functions with a retro-futurism design, a 6.8-inch ultra-wide screen, classic QWERTY keyboard, necessary interfaces, high-speed wireless, long battery life, and even includes a practical thermal printer. No matter…

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