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California’s Future

[TL;DR: California builds the TCP/IP, other cultures build the websites. Both valuable, but different. Megaprojects and marketplaces.] The Internet is a galaxy of networks. Airbnb, Wish, Doordash, Uber, and others are all just networks. Networks have existed for a very long time (from the East India Trading Company to UPS), and the Internet is the…

Distant Future Warnings: The challenges of speaking with eternity

Radioactive waste and toxic mining byproducts will remain deadly for thousands of years – maybe forever. Deep in the arsenic-contaminated underground at Giant Mine near Yellowknife, contributor Garth Mullins wonders how we can warn the distant future. Is it even possible to send messages that can outlast governments, languages, cultures, nations – maybe even humans?Radioactive…

Ask HN: How do you low cost future earnings in instances of zero rates of interest?

Ask HN: How do you discount future earnings in times of zero interest rates?

Macs of the Previous and the Future

There are many histories of the Mac, and no doubt as many futures too. Here I’d like to consider how it has changed at the heart, the hardware in the middle of that case, and where it’s going in the M1. The Motorola 68000 processor inside the original Macs is just that: a processor. It…

What Will Future Properties Look Like? Filmed within the 1960’s [video]

What Will Future Homes Look Like? Filmed in the 1960's - Narrated by Walter Cronkite - YouTube

The Way forward for Software program Provide Chain Safety

All indications are that software supply chain security will be the biggest issue for the security industry in 2021. The largest security story of 2020 was the supply chain compromise of SolarWinds Orion which allowed attackers to ship malicious updates with backdoors to Orion customers with perfectly valid signatures. Once these updates were applied and…

The Way forward for Cellular Telephones

The Future of Mobile Phones - YouTube

The Future Is Vibrant

Never in the history of man have we had things so good. Never in the history of man have we had so much information at our finger tips. Never in the history of man have so many who are not physically rugged been favored economically. Never in the history of man have we had so…

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