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World’s Vogue Manufacturers Go away Staff and Factories Unpaid, Amid Covid-19 [video]

Apgailestaujame, kad teko pertraukti. Jūsų tinklas siuntė labai daug užklausų. Jei norite toliau naudoti „YouTube“, užpildykite toliau pateiktą formą.

Tolerance is out of vogue at Cambridge College

A struggle begins in Cambridge on Friday, which will determine the freedom to argue in the university. As the students of today are the elites of tomorrow, and as the same fight between liberalism and, for want of a better word, wokeism is being fought everywhere, it is an early skirmish in the fight over everyone’s…

Can vogue ever be sustainable?

Can fashion ever be sustainable?(Image credit: Alamy/Javier Hirschfeld) Fashion accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, but there are ways to reduce the impact your wardrobe has on the climate. “For years I was obsessed with buying clothes,” says Snezhina Piskova. “I would buy 10 pairs of very cheap jeans just…

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