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Google’s ‘Cloud Print’ service is shutting down quickly

In brief: Another service is joining the Google graveyard, for better or worse. As the latest in a long series of Google service shutdowns, Cloud Print will be terminated in just a few short days, meaning it will no longer be accessible for ChromeOS customers or others. Most internet users have probably never used Cloud…

Sturdiness: Cloud Purposes

[ 2020-December-28 12:49 ] When designing applications that store critical data, it is to important to ensure the data will be durable, so it is accessible after a failure. To better understand the guarantees provided by modern systems, I previously wrote about the durability guarantees provided by the NVMe disk interface, and by Linux file…

Wasabi cloud storage service knocked offline for internet hosting malware

Source: Wasabi.com Cloud storage provider Wasabi suffered an outage after a domain used for storage endpoints was suspended for hosting malware. Wasabi is a cloud storage provider that competes with solutions like Amazon S3 by offering significantly cheaper services, not charging egress or API fees, and promising a 99.999999999% data durability. Yesterday, at approximately 2:30 PM…

Cloud Ecommerce: 10 Methods Cloud Computing Will increase Enterprise Productiveness

Cloud computing has transformed how businesses and customers access or store data. With ‘cloud’, small and medium eCommerce businesses can instantly set up enterprise-class services in a heartbeat. Cloud eCommerce helps businesses integrate multiple technologies & tools to enhance user experience and reduce costs simultaneously. According to Forrester, companies can reduce sales costs by up…

Ask HN: What’s your greatest cloud value saving answer you labored on in 2020

Ask HN: What is your best cloud cost saving solution you worked on in 2020

Cloud Me a River: Is Multi-Cloud a Poor Apply?

@CAST.AICAST.AIMultiple clouds. One cluster.“Multi-cloud is the worst practice” – is it, really?Earlier in August, Last Week In AWS published an interesting and insightful article written by Corey Quinn, the Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group. The Duckbill Group specializes in reducing the AWS bills for their customers, a much-needed service in today’s cloud environment.In this article, we take…

The State of IoT and Cloud

Internet of Things is one of the top buzzwords nowadays with not as much hype as artificial intelligence or blockchain but we will see an increase in their popularity and applications thanks to the implementation of 5G technology and Smart-Home hubs like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod or Google Home. Besides, the industrial market for IoT…

Flying over the Cloud Forest of Mexico

Flying Over The Cloud Forest of Mexico | Wilderness Sessions | Earth Unplugged - YouTube

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