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Charting a Path to Software Resiliency

(Note — most of this material is drawn from a presentation given at ChaosConf 2018. Slides available here)Resilience engineering — abbreviated as RE for the rest of this article (also known as Chaos Engineering) — is rapidly gaining wide acceptance within the tech community. The practice has been prevalent since Netflix started it in 2011…

Charting America’s Debt: $27T and Counting

Public sector debt has been a contentious topic for many years. While some believe that excessive government borrowing can be harmful over the long term, others have argued that it acts as a powerful tool for stimulating growth. In the U.S., the latter view appears to have taken hold. Since 2008, America’s national debt has…

Charting 20 Years of Home Price Changes in Every U.S. City

It seems that humanity is always vying to exceed our past accomplishments, and nowhere is the evidence clearer than in the tallest buildings that make up our cities. We’ve previously looked at how the architectural feats of humanity have simply grown in magnitude over time, tracing this progress as far back as the Stone Age.…

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