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Apple Implicated in New Report on Chinese language Compelled Labor

A report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute think-tank has named Apple among 83 other major companies benefiting from the use of potentially abusive labor transfer programs. The Chinese government has allegedly transferred thousands of Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities from Xinjiang to factories across the country, implicating global supply chains. The report estimates…

Apple accused of making an attempt to water down anti pressured labor invoice

Unnamed congressional staffers have accused Apple of trying to water down an anti forced labor bill that would place obligations on US companies to ensure their supply chain was not involved in such abuse. The bill aims to end the use of forced Uighur labor in the Xinjiang region of China. The Uyghur Forced Labor…

Apple substitute AirPods Professional without spending a dime with defective noise cancel, static or crackling

Today, exactly one year after Apple first launched the AirPods Pro — and thus the same day the very first AirPods Pro owners will see their one-year warranties expire — Apple has launched a repair program that offers free repairs or replacements for another whole year if your AirPods Pro experience issues with noise cancellation…

Apple reverses stance on Amphetamine App

The dispute was over in a matter of days after the December 29th warning, but it still highlights the issues with App Store guidelines. While a focus on human reviewers reduces the chances of malware and other dodgy content sneaking through the review process, it also increases the chances of inconsistencies where a reviewer might…

Apple Backtracks After Well-liked Mac App ‘Amphetamine’ Threatened with Removing

Popular Mac app "Amphetamine" will remain on the Mac App Store after reportedly being threatened with removal over its name and branding, which Apple had said breached App Store guidelines. Amphetamine is a free Mac app that helps users to keep their machine awake for a set amount of time. Launched in 2014, the app…

Apple will let Amphetamine app keep within the App Retailer

The developer of Amphetamine, an app that prevents Macs from going into sleep mode, says Apple told him it violated App Store guidelines, even though it’s been in the App Store since 2014, and has nothing to do with drug use. Not long after The Verge reached out to Apple for comment on Saturday however,…

Apple Subverted Expectations in 2020

Through technological advancements and brilliant business decisions, Apple showed why they are most valuedSource: AppleAt the turn of this decade, very few people would have predicted that 2020 is going to be the year of Apple.Fast forward three months and the chances looked even slimmer. The pandemic threatened to eclipse Apple’s limelight and delay their…

My Expertise Apple (backup of deleted medium.com story)

My Experience @ Apple by Ex Apple Engineer Apple was my first job. A dream that came true after many years of hard work, sacrifices and a PhD in computer science under the supervision of one of the best and most well-known professors in the field. Unfortunately, Apple became the place that I lost feeling…

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